Cloud Streaming Disabled

This event can only be accessed from the VCC internal network. Please connect using any of the steps described below, and reload this page.

Network Cable
Network Cable

If you are located within a VCC building and have a network cable at your desk, connect it to your computer to ensure the best possible live streaming experience. You must use your VCC computer in a VCC office in order to connect using a network cable.


If you don't have access to a network cable, make sure you are connected to the wi-fi network VccnetP. Live streaming won't work on any other wi-fi networks. You must use your VCC computer in a VCC office in order to connect using this wi-fi.


If you are working from a remote location such as your home or a hotel, you must connect with your Big IP VPN client in order for the live streaming to work.

If none of these steps work, and you still see this error page, contact WEBCAST directly using Skype.

Broadcast Information

Stream Configuration

Source network N/A
Media streaming provider N/A
Internal stream source location N/A

Local Network Details

Country N/A
Location N/A
IP address N/A
Subnet N/A
Default internal stream source for subnet N/A
Manually change your stream source location by clicking on one of the following options.



Small - 160p

Medium - 360p

Large - 720p

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